I am a contemporary artist based in Hamburg, Germany. I work as a graphic designer as my main job and engage in making art after hours.

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I sympathise with the Light and Space Movement, Concrete Art and Minimalism. My main focus is the relationship and interaction between natural and artificial phenomena.

All artworks of the “Man Made Object Series” focus on the interaction between two layers – a film applied to the front glass pane and a silkscreen print at the back. The artworks change appearance with the standpoint of the onlooker and the varying lighting conditions. A perfect theoretical form – the circle – is exposed to unpredictable circumstances and so oscillates between Minimalism to Abstract Expressionism. The series is meant as a reflection on the borderline of man made constructs and randomly behaving nature. 

The front circle of “Dichro/Yellow” is a dichroic filter that selectively lets through light of a small range of colours while reflecting others. Depending on the viewing angle, the direction of the light and the background, a wide range of colours are reflected, passed through or altered.

You can only guess the motifs of the underlying artworks of the “Haze Series”. They are a screen prints (actually monoprints) of a perfect cirle with an irregular halo around them. The view is purposefully obstructed by a hazy film on the front glass. You are not able to look inside, you have to live with that restraint – but you can admire the glow of the unreachable gem.  


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VK18 Censored Exhibition
Æglageret / Holbæk Kunstforening, Holbæk, Denmark
participating with 3 artworks
13 january – 11 february 2018 

“Man Made Objects”
VÆG Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark 
together with MeyerLavigne/Copenhagen
8 june – 21 july 2018
›› exhibition website

NORTH Kunstmesse 2018, Aalborg, Denmark
with VÆG Gallery, Aalborg
28 – 30 september 2018
›› exhibition website

Winter Selections” 
VÆG Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark 
Group Exhibition with Don John / Studio Thinkinghand / Eva Helene Pade / Mikas Emil / Frederik Hesseldahl / Rikke Elgaard / Thomas Plauborg / Mads Rafte Hein
15 december 2018 – 26 january 2019 
›› exhibition website

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